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Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions for our best Atlanta Psychic:
What is the difference between the types of psychic readings Amanda
Psychic Amanda offers several types of psychic readings including the basic
psychic reading, the Tarot Card Reading and the ever popular Crystal Energy
Reading.  Amanda has also recently started offering her Angel Readings which
combines all readings along with Amanda communicating with her spirit guides.

The Psychic Reading is a basic reading that details you on different areas of
your life. It is a very good reading, however, it is not very in-depth.  Any of
Amanda's psychic readings may be done over the phone, however, this
particular psychic reading is only offered via phone as it is a mini-reading.

The Tarot Card Reading is a more detailed reading. It is a combination of the
psychic reading along with the use of the cards to provide a more accurate and
in-depth reading.  Amanda uses the ancient Egyptian deck which embodies a
wealth of energy as this is the same tarot deck Amanda has used for more than
15 years! Most clients who request this reading feel very comfortable with the
tarot cards and usually select this type of reading wherever they go and get a
psychic reading done. For those, this is a great choice!

The Crystal Energy Reading is the most popular and most requested psychic
reading offered. Amanda uses her natural stone crystals with this reading.  By
their nature, crystals both absorb and transmit energy allowing the strongest of
psychic connections as Amanda is able to most strongly pick up on your outer
and inner vibrations.

The Angel Reading is the newest type of psychic reading offered by Amanda.
Some clients desire to have both the card and the crystal energy reading
combined, so the Angel reading is considered a combination reading as it
combines the readings and Amanda also communicates with her spirit guides
with this reading. Amanda has always been aware and in communication with
her Guides and is now offering their messages of enlightenment and insight to
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